4 Cosmetic Treatments for a Beautiful Summer Smile

May 25, 2022

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Woman with beautiful smile at beachMake this summer one to remember by investing in the picture-perfect smile you deserve. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for the rich and famous, thanks to diverse treatment options. Your cosmetic dentist in Fort Worth can revamp your smile without draining your savings account. Here are 4 options to revitalize your smile just in time for summer.

1. Veneers

A veneer is a customized thin shell bonded to the front surface of a tooth to enhance its color, size, and shape. Applying veneers to the teeth most visible when smiling can cover multiple aesthetic blemishes simultaneously, like stains, gaps, or chips. You won’t need a lengthy or invasive procedure to achieve the smile of your dreams. After just 2 appointments, you can have the flawless results you desire.

2. Dental Bonding

Dental bonding offers a lot of bang for your buck because it provides quick results using an affordable method. A composite resin is shaded to match your enamel when used to treat various cosmetic and restorative issues, like decay, chips, stains, or exposed tooth roots. Depending on the number of teeth you are treating, you can have a summer-ready smile in one day.

3. Teeth Whitening

Stained and discolored teeth can make a person look older than their chronological age. If you are embarrassed by brown or yellow teeth, don’t throw money away on OTC whitening products. Instead, turn to a professional to get the lasting results you want. A whitening treatment from your dentist can get your teeth up to 8 shades whiter. You can reach your goals around your schedule with a take-home kit from your dentist. Your smile can stay bright for months to years with the right maintenance, like a solid oral hygiene routine at home.

4. Metal-Free Restorations

A metal filling or crown doesn’t have to be the focal point of your smile. Tooth-colored fillings and metal-free restorations blend in with your natural teeth. They are made of biocompatible materials to support your dental and general health. Whether you have new damage or want to replace an existing restoration, your cosmetic dentist can help.

Which Treatment is Right for Me?

No two smiles are the same, so there’s no way to know which treatment will meet your needs without seeing a cosmetic dentist.

They will examine your mouth and learn more about your concerns to create a personalized strategy to better your smile. You must have healthy teeth and gums before benefiting from any elective procedures.

Don’t worry, your cosmetic dentist will explain everything you need to know to make the best decision. Whether smiling for vacation photos or chatting with a friend, you will have a dazzling smile you will be proud to show off.

About Dr. William BuckDr. Buck earned his dental degree at the Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas in 1992 and has regularly completed continuing education to provide state-of-the-art services. Including cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign. If you are ready to fall in love with your smile, contact our office today to request your consultation.

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