5 Ways to Reach Your New Year’s Resolution of Flossing More

January 6, 2022

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Have you come up with a New Year’s resolution yet? If not, making one that revolves around improving your oral health is always a great idea. Having a healthy smile can improve not just the look of your pearly whites, but your overall well-being. Keeping your smile in good condition takes more than just brushing in the morning and at night. Flossing at least twice is also key. Read on to learn five helpful tips that will make it easier to incorporate flossing into your daily oral hygiene routine.

Tip #1: Start Off Slow

One of the biggest reasons why so many people fail their New Year’s resolutions is because they jump into them headfirst. Though it may seem like a good idea just get right into it, this can often be overwhelming and cause you to give up on your goal completely. Instead, ease into it. Try to floss a few times per week to get used to it and work your way up from there.

Tip #2: Refresh Yourself on the Proper Technique

Flossing your teeth the right way is key to effective plaque removal. If you need a refresher on the correct technique or never knew the proper way to floss in the first place, lookup diagrams or guides that teach you how to do it.

Tip #3: Use the Right Products

If you have mobility issues like arthritis that make it difficult to floss your teeth, consider purchasing a Waterpik or another water flosser as an alternative. Though regular dental floss works just fine for most people, what kind should you get? Floss comes in waxed and unwaxed varieties as well as different thicknesses and materials, so make sure that you use the one that works best for your unique needs.

Tip #4: Remind Yourself to Floss

Whether you set daily reminders on your phone, place a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, or keep your floss next to your toothbrush, make it easy to remember to floss. Before you know it, flossing will be a regular part of your day!

Tip #5: Make Flossing Convenient

If possible, floss before bed. This is the best way to remove food particles and bacteria that have accumulated in your mouth throughout the day. Even so, flossing at all is better than nothing. Consider keeping dental floss in your backpack, purse, or car so you can use it whenever you have a break in your busy schedule.

Though maintaining a healthy smile may seem daunting at times, your dentist is here to help. If you need additional tips on how to incorporate flossing into your routine or just want additional support to reach your goals, reach out for assistance. You’ll have a smile you love in no time!

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