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Sculpt a More Beautiful Smile with Gum Recontouring

July 28, 2022

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portrait of attractive woman smiling

Have you heard the phrase “gummy smile”? It’s just what it sounds like, a smile that shows more gums than teeth. The opposite can also be true – maybe there’s not enough gum tissue covering up your pearly whites. While there’s nothing medically worrisome about it, disproportion between the gums and teeth can really take away from your confidence and leave you wanting to do anything other than grin. Did you know there is a solution for this issue called gum recontouring? Keep reading to learn more about what it is and whether or not you are eligible. 


Why Summer Is the Perfect Season for Dental Implants

July 27, 2022

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woman learning about dental implants in dental office

If you are missing teeth or are on the verge of needing to have one or more replaced, you should know you can’t do better than dental implants. This is a comprehensive replacement method that gives you back the entire tooth structure to promote better oral and overall health for a lifetime to come. 


4 Cosmetic Treatments for a Beautiful Summer Smile

May 25, 2022

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Woman with beautiful smile at beachMake this summer one to remember by investing in the picture-perfect smile you deserve. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for the rich and famous, thanks to diverse treatment options. Your cosmetic dentist in Fort Worth can revamp your smile without draining your savings account. Here are 4 options to revitalize your smile just in time for summer.


The 4 Most Common Dental Emergency Procedures

February 3, 2022

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cartoon of dental emergency in Fort Worth

Sometimes dental accidents happen, and the difficult part is knowing which ones are true emergencies. Most dental problems that would require immediate attention are when you feel persistent discomfort, your mouth is seriously injured, or a tooth is completely knocked out! But which procedures can you expect to undergo for a dental emergency in Fort Worth? Read on to learn the four most common treatments you might experience when seeking urgent dental care.


5 Ways to Reach Your New Year’s Resolution of Flossing More

January 6, 2022

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person flossing their teeth

Have you come up with a New Year’s resolution yet? If not, making one that revolves around improving your oral health is always a great idea. Having a healthy smile can improve not just the look of your pearly whites, but your overall well-being. Keeping your smile in good condition takes more than just brushing in the morning and at night. Flossing at least twice is also key. Read on to learn five helpful tips that will make it easier to incorporate flossing into your daily oral hygiene routine.


3 Facts About Root Canal Therapy

December 15, 2021

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patient with toothache who need a root canal

According to the American Association of Endodontists, root canal therapy has a success rate of over 95%. In most cases, a root canal can even last a lifetime. As successful as the treatments are at saving a severely infected tooth, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about this procedure. To help clear up some of the confusion regarding this treatment, read on to learn three facts about root canal therapy.


It’s the Worst Time of the Year—For Your Smile!

December 1, 2021

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year—or so the song goes. While there are plenty of reasons to love this season, there’s one area that it is the worst: your oral health. Most dentists agree that from October through December is the most risky time for smiles. Why? What can you do to make the holidays better for your smile? Read on to find out!


What is Root Canal Retreatment (and Why You Might Need It)

November 7, 2021

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Woman visiting dentist to receive root canal retreatment

More often than not, teeth that have received root canal therapy can last decades when properly cared for. In fact, they can even last the rest of your life with the right at-home maintenance and routine dental checkups. Unfortunately, there are instances where root canal retreatment is needed months and even years after the procedure was completed. It’s best to look at retreatment not as a setback, but as a second chance for your tooth. Learn about the most common reasons retreatment is performed and what to expect at your appointment!


What Should You Look for in a Good Emergency Dentist?

November 6, 2021

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Emergency dentist in Fort Worth shaking hand with patient

Do you have a good emergency dentist’s phone number on hand in case anything happens? Dental emergencies can occur when you least expect them, so it’s important to always be prepared. Choosing the right emergency dentist in Fort Worth will depend on a number of factors. Here are some traits to look for so you can trust that you’re receiving the best quality of urgent dental care during your stressful situation.


4 Tips to Use Your Dental Insurance

September 8, 2021

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Dental insurance plan, glasses, and calculatorDid you know your smile affects your overall health? The discovery of the mouth-and-body connection has raised awareness of the importance of routine dental care. Access to affordable services makes it easier than ever to achieve a healthy smile because 77% of Americans have dental insurance. The monthly investment provides reduced rates for a variety of oral health needs. Unfortunately, less than 3% of Americans meet or exceed their annual limits. If you’re not utilizing your dental plan, you’re throwing money down the drain because your benefits don’t last forever. Worried about a large bill? Here are 4 tips to maximize your coverage to keep a healthy smile within your budget.


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